WhatsApp Communication App: What is It?

WhatsApp Communication App

Have you heard about WhatsApp, it is a communication app that can communicate with others. In this post, we will discuss the things about the WhatsApp communication app. Also, how does it work and how to use it.

What Is WhatsApp Communication App?

WhatsApp is a communication app that you can use for free. The whole WhatsApp communication app is a combination of SMS, social network, and instant messaging. 

So this way you can send text messages, make calls or live video calls. You can also share photos, videos, contacts, documents, and locations.

How Does It Work?

WhatsApp is a communication app that is used to transfer data through the internet using a mobile data connection. In the beginning, you need an internet connection to download this application on your phone.

Then register with your personal information in the application. After that, it will offer you to add your contacts who have used WhatsApp on their phone too. 

In this way, you can communicate with them without additional costs or without paying any money. It is free. WhatsApp users can also send unlimited messages to their friends. 

With no limits on time or number of messages per day. However, you have to be aware that some rules must be followed when using the WhatsApp application; these rules are:

Sending Messages: 

WhatsApp users can send unlimited messages to their friends with no limits on time or number of messages per day. They just need to make sure that their data plan is enough for them.

It is because if not they will face heavy charges from their network provider such as Airtel or Reliance Jio etc.

Sending Media: 

These users can send media files such as videos, photos, and audio files up to 100MB for free. But this file size changes over time depending on the network provider’s network bandwidth. Also, it may vary depending on the region where the user’s telecommunication company belongs too.

But usually, it is 20 MB per photo or video sent too so make sure that you aren’t going over 20 MB with each photo or video sent too. It is because if not they will charge more than the usual rate for sending media files via WhatsApp too.

It means it will be expensive for you if you’re not careful so please don’t end up in trouble like that. So this is because then it will cost more than what it should have cost in the first place.

So make sure to stay within 100MB per photo or video sent too. 

Sending Contacts: 

These users can share their contacts with their friends for free. However, you have to make sure that you only share the contacts with your friends or people you know well.

It is because if not then there is a huge chance that someone will steal all of your contacts from your phone. Then use them to spam other people with spam too. 

So stay careful when sharing your contacts on WhatsApp. 

Why Choose WhatsApp?

If you are going to ask why choose WhatsApp, then we will tell you the reasons why you should choose WhatsApp. A few reasons are: 

  • It is super easy to use. 
  • It is free to use. 
  • You can communicate easily with others.
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