3 Best Communication Apps That You Need

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Are you tired of using the same communication apps over and over again? Are you looking for something new and exciting? If so, then you need to check out some of the best communication apps that are available right now. These apps will keep you entertained and connected with your loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out today!

Best Communication Apps That Yuu Need

WhatsApp Messenger

Texting may be more enjoyable with WhatsApp Messenger, which gives a few more handy functions in addition to free texting with anybody else who has the app. With this chat software loaded on your smartphone, you’ll save a little money on text rates through your carrier and across platforms.

Of course, you’ll have to get your closest messaging companions to use WhatsApp, but they’ll likely do so after learning about its benefits.

The recent acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger by Facebook raises the question of what Facebook intends to do with it, even if there are no immediate changes to the service. Whatsapp is already very popular worldwide, so any news concerning modifications to the service will be studied intently.

Like iMessage for iOS, WhatsApp Messenger shows your chats in miniature text bubbles. It provides you a time stamp for messages, alerts you when a text has been seen by your receiver, and enables you to insert photographs and voice notes, and videos within your discussions. But with WhatsApp Messenger, you can change your wallpaper and send your GPS position to an interactive map.


Snapchat is an additional handy–and entertaining–messaging software for Android and iOS. What makes this app distinct from others is that you may transmit multimedia “snaps” that are preserved for a short period before they expire forever.

Snaps can be sent to a single person or shared with a small circle of friends. Alternatively, you may use this app for live video and voice chatting.

With Snapchat, you can add augmented reality filters to your photos and videos. You may transform yourself into an extraterrestrial, a cartoon character, or even a storm cloud with the help of these creative photo filters.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is not only the largest social network in the world—but it’s also the second biggest messaging app in terms of monthly active users. The 105 million Americans who use Facebook Messenger make it the most popular chat app in the country.

With Messenger, you may connect for free with anybody who has a Facebook account. Install the app and establish an account with Messenger if you aren’t already a member of Facebook.

Messenger, like WhatsApp, allows you to communicate with other users of the same messaging service via text, voice, or video call. Keep in contact no matter which device you’re using with the ability to call a PC from your phone and vice versa.

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