What Chat Apps Are The Best?

What Chat Apps Are The Best?

There are a lot of best chat apps that you can download and use. Many people today use chat apps to communicate easily with their loved ones and friends. To have more understanding, keep reading below.

What Is A Chat App?

A chat app is known as an application that enables people to communicate with each other easily and quickly. You do not need to have a phone number to use a chat app. 

You can use the same account to text, call and video call your friends and loved ones. There are so many types of chat apps available in the market today. 

These chat apps come with different features that you can choose from so that you can communicate easily. But, many chat apps do not work well due to poor internet connection and poor internet service providers.

So, among all the best chat apps available in the market today, which one is reliable? So this section will discuss the best chat apps that you can download and use to communicate with your loved ones easily.

Best Chat Apps That You Can Use

1. Facebook Messenger App :

So this is one of the best chat apps that you can use these days. If you are not a Facebook user, you do not need to worry because this is also available for mobile phones and tablet devices. 

The best thing about this Facebook messenger app is that it allows you to make free video calls to your friends and family members easily. You can make free video calls through this app with no limitation on the video call time. Also, the number of video calls that you can make every day.

 If you want free calls, then this Facebook messenger app is your best choice. It is because it allows you to make unlimited calls without using your data or WiFi connection. 

You just need a 3G or 4G LTE connection. So that you can use it freely without worrying about being charged for using too much data or WiFi connection in just a single day. 

2. Google Hangouts:

With this Google Hangouts app, users can send text messages, images, audio recordings, video recordings, and even video chats. Just like what they can do with other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Line.

But what makes this different from other messaging apps is that it also supports group chats. That is limited to most other messaging apps.

Group chats, as the name suggests, allow users to chat with friends or family members as a group. So this means that users can have conversations with up to 10 people all at once. 

So this feature is different from most other messaging apps for mobile devices that only support private chats. It means that users can only have conversations with one person at a time. 

3. Line:

The line is one of the best chat apps that you can use these days. It has a very clean and simple interface and so it will not take up too much space on your phone. 

It also features some awesome stickers and animations for you to use when chatting with your friends and family members. The stickers available for you to use are very expressive and detailed so they will add some color to your messages. 

There are also many mini-games available so that you can have fun while chatting with your friends or family members. You will surely enjoy using this app if you love playing games on your mobile phone or tablet device. 

The only limitation of this app is that it does not allow users to make voice calls without using any additional app. So if you want to make voice calls then you need to install additional apps. 

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