What Are the 7 C’s of Communication?

What Are the 7 C's of Communication?

Communication is a process, not a product; all we have is what we give. As managers and as creatives, we have to take responsibility for our communications and take them seriously. What are the 7 C’s of communication? Let’s take a closer look. 

The 7 C’s of Communication


Clarity is being clear, straightforward, and understandable in communication. It is the first and most important C of communication

Clarity helps us create clarity in our communications with others, no matter the context or circumstance.


Context is also key in communication. Be sure you understand a person’s point of view and context when communicating with them. Consider their values, perspective, and current situation before deciding what to say or do. 

The context for each person is unique and constantly changes. So, it affects how they will react to your message and how you should respond.


Conciseness refers to the skill of being brief, to the point, and clear. It is a must for every manager and creative. 

Conciseness helps you be clear, get your point across, and stick to it. It is also a requirement for all your communications with others, no matter the context or circumstance.


Courage is being bold and courageous in communication. It involves building your confidence to speak up and speak out even when it’s difficult. 

Courage is required for effective communication because great ideas need to be talked about at appropriate times, ways, and audiences. Consider what you have to lose if you don’t collaborate appropriately. Then be courageous enough to do it. 


Courtesy shows respect and consideration in our communications with others, no matter how we feel about them or their message. It helps us be mindful of the image we present to others and how our words affect them. 

Courtesy may not always come naturally. But, when you remember that other people matter, it is easier to give others respect, consideration, and kindness in your communications with them. 


Creativity is the ability to develop new ideas or ways of doing things in our communications with others. It helps us think outside the box and solve problems creatively. 

Creativity also enhances our ability to collaborate effectively. With creativity, we come up with fresh or better ways of delivering our message. Our ideas are more likely to be heard by our audience. 


Contribution is generosity in our communication with others by sharing information that helps them contribute effectively. They can take action or use it for their purposes. 

Contribution helps build relationships by supporting the people we work with in their efforts and goals.

Why Is It Important To Know?

Knowing the 7 C’s of Communication is essential to better manage and communicate with others. And it is also essential to be creative. 

Nowadays, relationships are the currency of business. To succeed, you need to work together and communicate effectively.

Taking the time to learn and apply the 7 C’s of communication to your daily interactions will positively impact your life.

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