Top Free Cloud-Based HR Software in 2022

free cloud based hr software

If you’re like most people, the words “HR software” probably don’t excite mental images. But trust us – free cloud-based HR software is vital for any business, large or small. There are a lot of different types of HR software that can help manage everything from payroll to employee benefits. So if you’re wondering what your business needs to be using, read on!


HR management software uses payroll software. This part is most important because it shows the company’s payroll, which can be a tedious process. The payroll software helps you take care of everything you need to do with the payroll very simply.

It has some very good features that are needed by the company. solutions is a web-based online HR management software. The cloud-based system works on live data and provides the employees with reports from anywhere in the world.

It has CRM, HCM, and Payroll modules that are integrated. This allows for seamless transfer of data between modules of HR Solutions. The Reports feature gives you real-time data and makes decision-making for your company easy.

The Business Intelligence feature in HR Solutions allows you to view reports in graphs, Excel sheets, tables, and PDFs. It enables you to share information with your business partners as well. So, this free HR software is compatible with all devices including Windows & Mac OS X and also Android & IOS devices. 

Top 3 Free Cloud-Based HR Software in 2022


QuikHiring is an easy-to-use mobile application meant to connect recruiters with prospects, allowing them to conduct face-to-face interviews via their smartphones or tablets. In order to expedite the interview process, the platform offers recruiters with pre-defined templates for interview questions and answers for each role and functional area.


Using Homebase’s low-cost business platform, businesses can easily build schedules for their employees and precisely pay each one of them while doing so. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gyms, spas, salons, and retail establishments all benefit from the flexible software’s scheduling and timekeeping capabilities.


An applicant tracking system and a recruiting application are combined in Freshteam’s user-friendly interface. There are a wide range of experts in the recruitment sector that will benefit from using this platform because it is simple and straightforward.


As these two top free cloud-based hr software do not have any integration facility, the company has to manually enter the data from one top program online hr software. In this situation, the HR manager has to spend a lot of his time on data entry and there is always a chance of error due to manual data entry. Also, the solution to this problem is integration between various top free cloud-based HR software.

The best way to integrate two or more top free cloud-based hr software is by using an application programming interface or API for short. An API helps two top free cloud-based hr software in sharing data without any human intervention. The data can be shared through an internet connection between different computers making it an easy and quick process.

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