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Zoom Communication App

Zoom communication app is one of the most downloaded apps in this modern era. But the question is where you can download it and what features it has. Keep reading the information below.

Introducing About Zoom Communications App

Zoom communication is a video conferencing and web meeting platform app. It allows you to have a video chat with your colleagues, friends, and family members worldwide. 

It has many features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, document sharing, meeting scheduling, etc. You can contact people or send files to other people easily.

You need not build your server for you to use it. It is completely free for you to use. You can download it by clicking on the link below.

Features of Zoom Communications App

Here are some of the features of the zoom communication app:

Video Conferencing:

So this feature allows you to have a video call with other people from all over the world. You can meet others face-to-face even though they are far away from you geographically. 

So this is especially useful if you want to conduct business meetings or some projects with clients.

Screen Sharing:

When you choose this feature, it will show you the screen of the other person who is using the app at that moment. It will be very convenient if the other person wants to share something that is not contained on their computer screen. Such as using another software or showing his/her website on a browser window, etc. 

The screen sharing feature also enables multiple people in a meeting room to see what is shown on each computer in real-time.

Document Sharing:

If there are documents that need to be shared among participants. Then this feature will be very useful because it allows participants to upload documents during your meeting, And also share them with others during your meeting via video conferencing.

Furthermore, screen sharing features as well as getting feedback on those documents by using video conferencing. Then you can work together on documents more efficiently. Also, you and your colleagues will be so glad to have it.

Meetings Scheduling:

If you want to schedule a meeting with your clients or colleagues, this feature is very useful for you. You will be able to schedule meetings according to the time and date that you want. Also, it will be easier to find out the participants who are interested in the meeting because of the reminder feature.

Moreover, Zoom has many other features such as the ability to have live chat with attendees, file sharing, etc. It also gives you free storage space in Zoom cloud for up to 2 GB.

So that you can store your documents or files there easily when you need them later. Also, this is very useful if you want to share some files during your meeting with others. 

So download the Zoom communications app today at the Google play store. The installation process of Zoom Communications App installation process of Zoom Communications App

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and enjoy its use of it.

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