The Work Hours Recording Apps

Work Hours Recording App

There are a lot of best work hours recording apps that you can use. In this blog, we will provide you with the following information about this application. Keep reading the information below.

What Is A Work Hours Recording Apps?

So this application will be helpful to you when you want to record your work time. Also, this application is useful for you who have a job and want to record your work time

By using this application, you can minimize the possibility that you will forget your work time in the future. The application also has more features, such as the ability to track work hours and grant permission to others.

Multiple Features Of Work Hours Recording App

In this section, we will provide you with the features of the work hours recording app. So this application has a free version and also a paid version. 

You can use the free version before deciding which version you want to use. The free version has some features like uploading unlimited photos and recording unlimited hours. 

You can use this application for seven days before paying for it. If you want to use the premium version, you can pay $2.99 per month or $29 per year. 

There is an option for you who want to purchase a lifetime premium membership. So that you will never have to pay again in the future. 

If you are going to purchase the premium version, all of your data will be stored on a private server. So that it is safe from hacking attempts. 

Users of this application can add up their preferences by choosing their favorite color scheme. Also, adding their logo in their profile picture and background image.

Then adjust the date format for better viewing, set up automatic backups, and get email notifications. When someone else edited or sent them a message.

How To Use Work Hours Recording App?

You can download this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. In addition, there are two ways for you who want to use this app.

So one way is by using your phone camera and another way is by manually entering your work hours into a timesheet document. Both ways are useful and easy to use.

So we leave this choice for you who want to use it in your way in the following explanation below:

Using The Phone Camera To Record Your Work Hours:

So this feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms so everyone can use it easily. Without any problems in using it regardless of what platform they use on their device. 

If this method is what you use first, then follow these steps. First of all, open the work hours recording app and swipe right to get to the dashboard. 

Then log in with your username and password that you have created. After that, you can choose the mode of recording your work hours. So there are two modes, the manual mode, and automatic mode. 

So if you want to use the automatic mode, then swipe again on the dashboard and then activate the “automatic mode” option. Then after activating it, choose “start” from the next screen. 

If you do not have an automatic mode, it means that you will use the manual mode to record your work hours. So swipe again on the dashboard and then activate the “manual mode” option. Then after activating it, choose “start” from the next screen. 

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