The Most Important Roles of Communications Team

The Roles of Communications Team

There are a lot of hats that a communications team wears. And, while it can be tough to juggle all of those balls, it’s also incredibly rewarding when everything comes together seamlessly. So, what are the most important roles of communications team? Keep reading to find out!

The Roles of Communications Team

A communications team is responsible for a lot, so let’s take a look at the most important roles of this team.

Voice of the Company

The first role of the communications team is to be the voice of the company. When you’re launching a new product or service, or even just announcing that you’ve won an award. It’s incredibly important for your team to be the ones who start spreading that news, rather than letting people discover it on their own. 

While it’s great to have a blog for your business and use social media, there are still going to be people who don’t actively follow you on Twitter or read your blog. So your communications team needs to be responsible for spreading that news in as many different ways. 

Whether that’s by getting it published on niche websites or making sure that you have a press release sent out, your company should always be the one who announces its news first.

Media Relations and Press Releases

One of the most important roles of this team is to ensure that you stay active with media relations and press releases. A solid relationship with local and national media is key in getting your business noticed. And sharing your story with the public at large. 

That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to get coverage for your company. But if you can, then getting featured in multiple publications can help you gain exposure to new audiences. And differentiate yourself from competitors in an extremely crowded marketplace.


It might seem strange to see blogging listed as one of the most important roles of this team. Since there are so many companies who aren’t actively blogging anymore. However, there are still plenty who are doing a fantastic job at consistently providing valuable information on their blogs. 

And this can only help strengthen their brand in the eyes of consumers and prospective clients alike. If you’re not currently blogging for your business, then now may be the time to start!

Social Media

One thing that everyone knows about is social media. It plays such an integral role in pretty much everyone’s life these days that it’s hard not to include it in any discussion about communications team roles. 

While no one person can maintain all social media accounts 24/7, there should always be someone responsible for monitoring those accounts. And also responding quickly whenever necessary whether it’s through customer engagements on your social sites.

The Roles of Communications Team Are Important

The bottom line is that the roles of a communications team are incredibly important. Not only in terms of providing content but also in helping to establish relationships with the media. And ensuring that your brand has the best possible reputation amongst the public at large.  

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