The Communication For Apple Watch iPhone

The Communication For Apple Watch iPhone

What is the communication for Apple watch iPhone? What are the benefits of having a feature of communication in the Apple watch iPhone? These are the things that we will discuss below.

Introducing About Communication For Apple Watch iPhone

The Apple watch iPhone now has a new feature of communication. Communication is a new feature added to the Apple watch iPhone. 

So this new feature can be used when we are not able to use the iPhone to send messages and make calls. We can use this communication function when we are using the Apple watch iPhone.

The communication function is available in the Apple watch. It is because of the Bluetooth connection between the two devices. 

When we do not get any disturbance from our surroundings. We can use this feature to send messages and call people that we want to contact. 

So this function is also very useful when we want to save our iPhone battery juice. It is because this feature is supported by a Wi-Fi connection.

Features Of Communication

The following are some of the features of this communication. First, this feature uses a Wi-Fi network connection rather than a cellular network connection. 

It means that if you do not have a cellular network connection, you will not be able to use this communication for the Apple watch iPhone. If there is no Wi-Fi connection, you will not be able to send or receive messages or calls. Also, view your message notification on your watch face screen.

When you use this feature, you should connect your Apple Watch with an iPhone that supports the iOS 10 and above operating system. Therefore, if there is no support for these operating systems.

So you will not be able to use this feature on your device. You can also enable or disable the Wi-Fi connection in your watch settings to enable. Also, disable the communication feature on your device.

What Is The Disadvantage Of This Feature?

When we use the communication feature. There is a disadvantage of this feature which can be a problem for some users. 

It is because when we send messages or make calls to other people with our Apple Watch iPhone, the other person will not hear us. It is because of the speaker that has been used on the Apple watch.

How To Use Communication?

We can use this feature in our Apple watch when we are using an iPhone that supports the iOS 10 and above operating system. We can do this by doing the following steps.

1: Open the Apple watch iPhone and then go to the “watch” app.

2: Next, tap on “Settings” and then tap on “Phone”. 

3: Enable the communication for your watch by tapping on it so that it will turn green. 

4: Then you need to enable Bluetooth on your iPhone so that you can connect your watch to your device. 

5: After that, tap on “Phone” again in your Apple watch settings and then tap on “My Number” to view your phone number. 

6: Then go back to the main screen of your Apple Watch iPhone and select “Contacts” so that you can add contacts to your list. 

7: Then select the contact who you want to contact via the communication feature of this Apple watch iPhone. 

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