The Communication Apps Video Calls

The Communication Apps Video Calls

Are you looking for communication apps that offer video calls? There are many great options to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular communication apps that offer video calling. 

1. Skype

Skype is an app that is known for great video chat and video call services. It is one of the most popular communication apps in the world, and it is available for free on many platforms. 

These platforms include Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, as well as certain gaming consoles. Skype features free voice and video calls between Skype users.

Skype also includes group video chats with up to 25 people. Also, this allows you to make a video chat with your family or friends who are online at the same time. 

So this service is one of the best out there, and it is available for free on most platforms that support Skype.

2. Tango

Tango is a popular communication app that offers high-quality video calling services with great audio quality. It is available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. 

The service allows you to send texts and photos in addition to video calls. You can also share your location so you always know where your friends are located. 

So this service works in both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. To use Tango’s most important features it costs $2.99 per month or $0.99 per week.

If you buy it through the App Store or Google Play Store respectively. If you don’t want to pay anything you can use its basic features like sending messages. Also, photos and videos without any charge at all (except for data charges of course). 

With Tango, you can also send stickers without paying anything extra (only the data charges apply). The only feature that requires payment is the ability to make video calls with other Tango users.

3. Viber

Viber is a communication app that offers great call quality and video calling services. It is available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other platforms. 

You can also use it on your desktop by installing its dedicated client to your computer. With Viber, you can make free calls to any other Viber users and make calls to landline or mobile numbers at a low cost per minute. Also, you can send text messages and share photos, videos, locations, and files between users. 

It is very easy to set up the app, so the first time you use it you’re ready to go right away. You can easily make video calls with friends and family members who have Viber installed on their devices.

Viber features high-quality video calls between users who have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. However, if you have only a 2G connection you won’t be able to use this feature because of the poor call quality it provides. 

4. is another application similar to Tango that offers free video calling services between users. Those who are online at the same time (up to 10 people). 

With you can share your screen during the call and view your friends’ screens too. You can also make group video calls for up to 10 people at the same time with this app. 

With you can also record audio or video from the moment of creation until 48 hours later. With an option of keeping that recording private until the user decides otherwise. 

You have an option to send messages, photos, and videos. If you want more features then you need to upgrade using in-app purchases after downloading the app for free on Android devices. These are the communication apps that offer video calls

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