The Communication App Download Statistics

The Communication App Download Statistics

How important is it to figure out the download statistics of a communication app? In this post, we will give you the things you need about the download statistics of communication apps. Also, learn about the process of doing it.

What Is Communication App Download Statistics?

To know the statistics of a communication app, you need to first understand what it is. Communication app download statistics is the data that will help you learn how many users have downloaded and used the communication app.

The data will help you know how popular the communication app is among people. Also, it will help you get an idea about potential customers for your business. The stats include:

  • Total number of downloads from Google Play Store
  • Total number of installations from Google Play Store
  • Active installations from Google Play Store
  • Ratings from Google Play Store users for the communication app
  • Total number of downloads and installs for all Android devices in a specific period (30 days and 90 days)

How to Get Communication App Download Statistics?

There are different ways to download statistics from a communication app. Some of the methods are:

Google AdWords Advertising Campaigns:

You can use Google Adwords to do this. To get started with advertising campaigns on Google, read our guide on how to advertise on Google Adwords. 

When you set up your ad campaign, you can select ‘app installs’ as one of your keywords. So this will help you get visibility and downloads for your apps. 

We have written an article on how much it costs to advertise an app on Google Adwords. With this method, you can also start learning about what keywords are most effective in getting downloads for the app

Download Tracking Service:

There are different tracking services available online which will automatically track. Also, collect data from all major Android stores present in the market today. Here are some of them: 


So this service tracks 1000+ Android apps in over 100 countries and also tracks iOS apps in 60 countries. 


So this service tracks 200+ Android apps in 20+ countries as well as 50+ iOS apps in 10+ countries. 


So this service tracks more than 200 apps across multiple Android stores including Google Play, Amazon, Samsung Store, and so on. 

App Annie:

Another service that allows you to track data related to your communication app. Along with other important data like competitor analysis. Also, search indexing and other important details related to the app store optimization (ASO). 

App Annie provides access to its database via their website or monthly subscriptions. That is based on your needs like total monthly report access, custom segments, and so on. 

So this service is a good option if you need to track data related to multiple apps or want more custom data.

How Important To Get The Download Statistic Of Communication App?

There are two ways you can use the app download statistics. Those are:

1. To monitor how the communication app is doing in the market and how it is performing among its users. 

2. To get an idea about potential customers who could become your potential business customers. So this way, you can optimize your marketing strategies to target them. 

Overall, it is useful to check the download statistics of a communication app to understand how well it is doing in the market. And also what other tactics you can use to promote it more effectively. 

So this way, you can make sure that your hard work pays off and that the app keeps growing in the market.

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