The Chat App Like Hike

The Chat App Like Hike

What are the advantages of using a chat app like Hike? What are the best things when using the Hike chat app? These are the things that we will tackle below.

What Is A Chat App Like Hike?

The hike is a messaging app. It’s a social network with a chat feature. It is available on Android and iOS devices. A lot of people use the application to chat with their friends and family members.

What Are The Advantages Of Hike?

The best thing about the hike application is that it’s fast and reliable. It is way faster and better than WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal, etc.

It’s also very easy to use as it doesn’t require you to take any special steps for setting up your account. You can create an account using your phone number or your email id. 

Further, the application has a very simple interface. You can see all the chats on one single screen. You can use what you want easily without using too many clicks or taps.

The most important advantage of using hike is that it doesn’t show ads to you. Everyone hates ads and you can use the Hike app for free without getting annoyed with ads popups and banners.

If you have to pay for the hike app, you will have to pay only Rs. 1 as the basic rate and after that, there are no other charges whatsoever. We think this is the best thing about the hike app.

So this makes it different from other similar apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

How To Use Hike Themes?

The next best thing about using hike is that it allows you to change to any of its themes as per your mood or taste at any given time. You can customize your theme according to your mood or personality. Also, even according to the situation in which you are in at any given time during the day or night.

So this is possible because there are many options available for changing your theme on the hike app. The themes include various colors and designs which allow you to choose one according to your choice.

So the themes are also designed by people so they allow you to choose one according to the popularity factor too. So if you want to change your theme, just tap on 

1. Settings

2. Theme

3. Select A Theme

4. Choose A Theme

5. Done

If you wish to apply stickers on all chats in your hike then follow these steps. First of all open a group chat, tap on three dots present at the right corner of the chat, and tap on a sticker. 

You will see all stickers in the chat. Tap on the sticker you want to apply and it will be applied to all chats in your chat.

How To Add Friends On Hike?

You can add friends on a hike in two ways. First of all, by adding from phone contacts and the second is from social media accounts.

To add a friend from phone contacts, open hike messenger, go to settings, and select phone book. Now you need to enter the phone number of your friend and press the send button to add friends from your phone contacts. Also, you can search for the name of your friend.

If you want to add friends through social media accounts then open hike messenger. So go to settings and select the social account option. 

Select social media accounts from which you want to add friends like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, etc. After that follow the instructions given there.

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