The Best Free Team Communication App To Replace Slack

best free team communication app to replace slack

What Is The Best Free Team Communication App To Replace Slack? Slack is a phenomenal team communication tool. It’s also a total nightmare when you’re trying to get everyone to use it systematically and effectively. Most teams we work with want an effective means of real-time, group chat. Here are six alternatives you can try, with some great features that let you work on content and projects in parallel, chat in real-time, and track activity.

The Best Free Team Communication App To Replace Slack

Slack is a team communication app that allows you to chat, share files, and make calls. It is available on the web, on mobile devices, and on the desktop. Slack helps teams try to keep up with each other with an integration of channels and bots. 

The One Workspace Rule is that there is only one Slack workspace per team, so if you don’t want everyone on your team to see what you’re working on, you need to create a separate Slack workspace.

Slack’s free version is limited in the number of users and the amount of data that can be stored. If your team is larger than the limit, you will have to upgrade to a paying plan, which does have a searchable archive of previous messages.

Six Alternatives To Slack


Basecamp is a project management tool that allows you to organize your projects, collaborate with clients and team members, and communicate with every member of the project. It’s a great alternative to Slack as it offers many of the same features that are on Slack, but it’s specifically made for project management.


Unlike Skype or Google Hangouts, which is only an alternative if you want to make voice calls, Viber is a fully functional, feature-rich chat app. It can be used on computers, phones, and tablets and supports text, images, video, and audio media.

You can buy a Viber Out number for sending messages from your account to a number outside of Viber’s network. The price of this feature varies depending on the country you use it in.


Another one of our favorite chat apps is HipChat. HipChat offers all the same features as Slack including screen sharing, file sharing, and more. Users can choose between a paid or free version. HipChat’s paid plan is less expensive than Slack’s, starting at $2 a user, per month.


For teams that need to be able to view and respond to support tickets in real-time, Flowdock is the perfect chat app for you. It allows for instant notifications of new tickets, and users can leave comments on individual tickets within the chat window, as well as view ticket history in the same window.


Flock is another great chatting app that offers all the basic features that Slack does, but with a few extra features thrown in as well. The app offers unlimited searchable history, including attachments and files, and a profile function that allows users to set up profiles with the information they want clients or coworkers to see.


If you love to use Evernote for taking notes, you’ll be happy to learn that there’s a great desktop app that is free for teams of up to three people. It features similar features to Slack with other features like note-taking, reminders, and the ability to attach photos and new documents right in the conversation


Slack is a great app but it comes at a price. If you need something a bit more economical, there are plenty of other apps that can do the trick.

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