Purpose Of Applications Communication

Purpose Of Applications Communication

Applications communication purpose is a new concept that allows us to communicate directly from one application to another. Without having to go through a third party. To understand more about this, let us find out below.

What Does Applications Communication Purpose?

Here, we are referring to the communication between two applications on a device. So this is a new feature introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop. It supports both ways of communication.

Why Do We Need Application Communication?

The biggest advantage of application communication is that it allows us to send data without going through a third party. The data is sent directly from one application to another. 

So this will result in better performance and speed. Also, the data is not stored on a third-party server, which means you get more security when using application communication.

If you are using an app on Play Store, then you might have come across an option called ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’ when installing an app. Most of us don’t know much about this option, its use, and its purpose. 

Uses of Application Communication

There are several applications out there that use this new feature of Android. Take a look at some of them:

The best part about using application communication is that it will result in better performance and speed. Also, the data is not stored on a third-party server.

It means you get more security when using application communication. Let’s look at some of the best apps that use application communication:

WeChat is an app that uses application communication. You can directly send text messages to another person or group from the app itself. 

You don’t need to go via any third-party service to send messages from the app. The app uses this new feature by Android to directly communicate between two people or groups. 

WeChat does everything for you, like encrypting your data for every transmission with a code and so on. So you don’t have to worry about security at all. The app also supports voice calls, which is quite nice. 

Google Duo is Google’s new app that has just been introduced recently on Play Store. It uses application communication to communicate between two people on the same device. Also, using a video call between two people who are not on the same device. 

So this is one of the most important features because it takes care of your privacy and keeps all your data private between two people. It is also very fast and secure so there are no issues while using it.

Issues And Problems

Are there any issues and problems using the application’s communication? Yes, there are a couple of issues and problems when it comes to application communication.

Most of the apps that use application communication, just like WeChat, are not available for all Android devices. So this makes it impossible for a lot of people to use these apps.

It is because most of these apps only support devices that run on Android Marshmallow or higher. Also, means that all your data will be stored on your device and not on a third-party server.

So this might seem to be a good thing but it isn’t because it can make your device susceptible to security issues. So you need to be very careful when using these apps.

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