List of Free Human Resource Management Software

list of free human resource management software

Hey, everyone. Here’s a roundup of the list of free human resource management software. We hope you find this helpful. We wish you the best of luck in your search!


Human Resource Management Software is an application that provides a management system for human resources. These include recruitment process, payroll, performance management, leave administration, training, and development, and talent management. The application comes with a user-friendly interface that provides an interactive working environment for employees.

Human Resource Management software is one of the most important software used in any organization. It helps you to manage the Human Resource Management Process. Also, it includes Recruitment Process, Payroll, Performance Management, Leave Administration, Training and Development, and Talent Management.

Furthermore, it also supports the HR department in managing employee details including personal details such as name, address, and phone number along with professional details such as education qualification, experience, etc.

HRMS at Workplace

HRMS at Workplace provides an overview of each employee’s performance. It helps you identify areas of improvement or strengths in their work performance. You can use this information to create a suitable development plan for each employee based on their individual needs or requirements.

It comes with an innovative dashboard view that allows you to keep track of employees’ performance regularly. In addition to this, it supports multiple languages including English and Hindi. So, it allows you to communicate with your employees easily without any language barriers.

Free Human Resource Management Software is a complete free HRM solution for small businesses and enterprises. This is a perfect solution for small business owners who have less than 100 employees. The software is easy to install and has an affordable price tag that does not burn holes in your pocket.

You can use these add-ons in various areas such as reporting or HR administration (such as payrolls or human resources). HR Service Center is a complete HR automation solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It can help to improve the efficiency of any company’s Human Resource department by automating routine tasks related to managing employees, such as tracking their attendance or calculating payrolls.

Examples of Free Human Resource Management Software


Workforce management is made simple with Connecteam. It is a cloud-based time and attendance system that can be scaled to meet any size organization’s needs. Operations, communication, and training are all covered by the platform.

Modules for employee communication, staff scheduling, time tracking, checklists and forms, and task and people management are all included.


Bitrix24 is an all-in-one management, collaboration, and communication software platform. Your files, projects, communications, tasks, and contacts all live in one place with Bitrix24. By signing up for an account and introducing your coworkers, you may begin using the platform right away.

The Activity Stream makes it easy for everyone in your team to stay up to date on the project’s progress.


All components and activities of HR management handled by using WebHR, an integrated human resources platform. Each stage of an employee’s lifecycle, from “hire to retire,” is addressed by the system.

More than 25,000 firms have used WebHR across the world to streamline personnel management and offer HR workers with the tools they need to successfully and efficiently manage their HR procedures.

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