Is There a Communication App for Autism?

Communication App for Autism

For people with autism, communicating with others can be a daunting task. But is there an app for that? Turns out, there might be! Several apps are currently in development that helps those on the spectrum communicate more effectively. So if you’re looking for a communication app for autism, keep your eye out for these new apps!

Is There a Communication App for Autism?

Communication with people with autism can be a real challenge. When a child or adult with autism is upset, it can be difficult to understand what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling it.  

Communication is a big problem for those with autism. The problem is that not all of them are using their newfound language effectively. A lot of them are using one-word answers like “yes” and “no”, or they’re using language to express their wants but not their needs. Or they’re only speaking to people they know well but who don’t know how to understand them.

Today, several apps are currently in development for people with autism. And we’re excited about this. Because it shows that the medical field is paying attention to the needs of individuals on the spectrum to help them communicate more effectively.

Top Communications App for Autism

So, here are some apps that you may find useful in this endeavor:


Otsimo is a visual communication platform for people with autism. It uses a visual conversation system to communicate effectively with others. It teaches individuals how to communicate by using visuals and also uses photos to record events or objects. This app helps individuals to express themselves in more effective ways.

Merlin’s Magic Words

This app is designed for children with autism. It teaches them how to ask for help when they need it. It also teaches them how to seek help from others, which can be a problem in those with autism because they don’t recognize when they need help. With this app, children learn how to ask for help and give permission to others who want to help them. 

And then, they learn that they can do this in a way that doesn’t make them look like they’re seeking attention. This is a common problem among those with autism.

Moreover, this app looks like it will be very useful for children on the spectrum. Because it will teach them how to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and thoughts while not making a big deal out of doing it.


Italic is an iPad app that has been designed specifically for people with speech impairments who have trouble with expressive language. This app allows users to create sentences using visual icons (i.e., expressive language). And then record their voice verbally so that the sentences can be played back later. 

Moreover, this allows the user to effectively express themselves. Because they can find the words they want without having to search through a dictionary or spell out the words letter by letter (which is extremely time-consuming).

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