How To Use Schedule App- 9 Tips To Make it Easier

how to use schedule app

How To Use Schedule App? By now you’ve probably seen many people using a tool called Schedule App. Have you tried it yet? Schedule App is a popular online scheduling tool that makes it easy to manage your work and meet deadlines. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to use the Schedule App – one of the most popular free time scheduling apps on Android, iOS, and the web (it’s also the only one, let’s be honest. Here are some things we love about it.

How To Use Schedule App: 9 Ways To Create

Schedule App is a popular app for iOS and Android that lets you organize your life and work in a way that best suits you. So, how do you create a schedule?

Schedule Everything

First, you must decide what is important – when you’re going to go to sleep, eat, exercise, and everything else. Once complete, click the plus sign in the top right-hand corner to add your schedule.

Break Down Your Activities Into Simple Problems

Schedule App allows you to enter each activity into your schedule for the day, as well as set a specific time for each activity and break them down into simple problems. For instance, I do my homework from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. every day – a simple problem. 

List of Tasks

Once you set the specific time for your activity and break it down into a simple problem, you can create a list of tasks to complete at that time. For instance, every day after school, I finish my homework.

See the Details

After you have created a list of tasks to complete, tap on the first task to see the details. From here, you can add subtasks to your main activity. For example, I’m doing my homework – but I’m going to be reading for 20 minutes and writing for 30 minutes.

Setting Project

You can set up tasks that require more than one person – such as if you have a project that requires multiple people to do it correctly. In this case, you may want to set up a project and invite people to it. You can then view your project and edit the tasks, deadlines, and milestones.


On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see a bar with all of your activities lined up in order, just like a calendar. 

Click the little down arrow to the right of the activity you want to update and click on the activity you want to add. You can also drag and drop activities around in order – this is very helpful if you need to reschedule an activity or add it in as a subtask.


Schedule App allows you to send updates to your friends and family, or add them as a collaborator to your project. The best part about Schedule App is that it works as a Google Calendar Sync – so whenever you add, reschedule, or change activity in Schedule App, it automatically updates with Google Calendar.

Stay on Top

Schedule App is a great way to make sure you get everything done, and makes it easier to stay on top of life’s little chores. If you have trouble staying organized, or if you just want to make sure you’re doing everything you need to be doing each day.


Schedule App allows you to color-code your activities to make them easier to read. You can pick which color you want to use and whenever you add a new activity, it will be assigned that color. 


Scheduling Apps can be very helpful for people who need to make sure they are doing everything they want to do and staying on top of their life. Also, the schedule App is the best scheduling app because it’s simple, easy to use, and works with Google Calendar.

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