How Many Communication Processes Are Used?

Communication Processes Are Used

People want to know how many communication processes are used. In this post, if you are one of those people who want to have an idea about this, we will tackle the information of it below.

What Do Communication Processes mean?

For clear information, in this article, the communication process will be explained well. It means the process of communication which is done between people to give a message or to exchange information.

As we know, there are many ways to communicate with people. That’s why we have many kinds of communication processes. 

They are written communication, oral communication, non-verbal communication, and technology-based communication.

How Many Communication Processes Are There?

There are many kinds of communication processes. So, it is impossible to count how many communication processes there are. 

However, we think there are more than 20 kinds because some communication processes can be combined. Moreover, there are also some ways to communicate using technology. 

If we think more deeply about that, it will make more than 20 kinds of communication processes that exist in the world nowadays.

How Important Are The Communication Processes?

Communication is very important in our life. Without communication, we can’t take part in society and we won’t know what happens around us. That’s why we have to learn the communication

We can learn communication in various ways such as by reading books, attending class, or joining a speech club. Furthermore, we can also learn communication processes by interacting with other people. 

The communication process is also important for our career because it gives us a big chance to get the job that we want. So, all of us should learn the communication well and use them with good manners. 

In addition, you should know that there are many kinds of communication which will be explained in this article clearly. If you are interested in that, please continue reading this article carefully.

How Is The Written Communication Process?

Writing is one of the most important ways to communicate with people nowadays. It is used because it has many advantages such as being portable and preserved forever. 

That’s why written communication is used widely in various aspects of daily life, business, and education both at school and at home. 

How Is The Oral Communication Process?

Oral communication is a kind of communication that is done through the mouth (speech) and ears (listening). Instead of writing things down, oral communication requires concentration and listening skills.

But it can be done faster than written messages because it directly connects to one person or between small groups of people. Moreover, oral communications are often done face-to-face.

That makes it even more effective when communicating information between people. Those who are not able to read or write very well or at all – for example, young children or people with disabilities such as deafness or blindness. 

Over time, oral communications have lost their prominence over written communications due to technological advances. Such as telephones and email.

However oral communications are still considered an integral part of communicating information. Between people today especially when communicating in real-time like face-to-face or on the phone.

Where spoken words can be used effectively to convey emotions and emphasis etc.

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