Features of an Easy Employee Schedule Maker

easy employee schedule maker

Looking for an easy employee schedule maker? How much time does it take to create an employee schedule? If you’re looking for a simple solution, then you should check out our new tool. It helps you manage your employees’ schedules and track their attendance.

The number of hours worked each week has increased over the years. This means that scheduling becomes even more important. Employees often complain about having too little time to get things done.

 Our new tool makes it easier to plan your employees’ schedules. You can easily add or remove shifts, view reports, and export data into Excel. So how can you conclude that a schedule maker has an easy user interface and features? Here are the signs.

An Easy Employee Schedule Maker Has these Features

1. Drag-and-drop calendar editor

The first feature is a drag-and-drop calendar editor. You can add and remove shifts, change the length of shifts, or even adjust the employee’s schedule for the week. So if you would like to extend the lunch break, then you can do it. If you want to move a shift to another day, then you can do that too. Lastly, if you need to remove a shift, then you can simply drag it off and remove it.

2. Easy adding and removing of employees.

The second feature is the ability to add and remove employees. So if you need to change the schedule for a few employees, then you can do it. You can add and delete employees using the Shift Schedules tab.

3. It automatically calculates the time worked

The third feature is automatic time tracking. You don’t have to click on the clock icon to start tracking the time worked by an employee. The software does it for you. It also saves your time and prevents errors.

4. It features a built-in calendar and attendance tracker

One of our favorite features is a built-in calendar and an attendance tracker. You can easily track your employees’ attendance and plan meetings in a few clicks. The software tracks the total hours per day, week, or month, as well as breaks and overtime hours.

5. It allows you to send a custom message to any employee on their schedule

The fifth feature is a message board. You can send a custom message to any employee on the schedule. This feature is especially useful if you want to congratulate an employee on their performance or remind them of something important.

If you’re looking for more time-saving features in your employee scheduling software, then you should check out our new tool.

6. Built-in Attendance Tracker

One of the features that we like the most is a built-in attendance tracker. Our new tool allows you to track the total hours worked per day, week, or month, as well as breaks and overtime hours. If you would like to know more about the attendance tracker, then click here.

7. With an easy-to-use interface it’s easy to manage all shifts from anywhere. 

The seventh feature is a user-friendly interface that enables employees to manage their shifts from anywhere. Employees can even request time off and approve or decline each other’s requests via mobile notifications and text messages. So if employees are too busy at work, then they can simply adjust their schedule using the mobile app. It’s really easy to use and convenient.

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