Effectiveness Of Communication And App: 5 Examples

communication and app

Every other day, there is a new app present that promises to improve the Effectiveness Of Communication And App. The idea of highly sophisticated software that promises to help manage everything is a compelling vision, but the effectiveness of software to help manage communications and tasks has not been firmly established. Nowadays, communication has taken a turn for the worse with technology. Here are 5 examples that show the negative effect of technology on communication.

Effectiveness Of Communication And App: 5 Examples


Texting was to be a convenient way to communicate in short messages. However, texting has become the primary method of communicating with friends and family. 

Text messaging is now the biggest form of in-person communication between individuals. There are even teenagers who would rather text their friends than go out with them on weekends.

This is a severe problem for the younger generations because they are losing the ability to communicate in person. They are losing the ability to read body language and tone of voice, which has a profound effect on their interactions with others.

Social Media apps 

Many free social media apps can be on the internet. Social media apps are extremely popular and are by young people all over the world. However, these types of apps provide users with a false sense of friendship and connection. 

Many people who have hundreds of “friends” on social media don’t even know half of them in real life. The internet is filled with trolls and cyberbullies who can anonymously attack other users on comments sections, social media posts, and message boards. 


Smartphones are extremely prevalent in today’s society. Almost everyone has a smartphone that they use to communicate with others. 

Smartphones are very convenient and easy to use, but they can hurt communication. Because people have their smartphones with them at all times, they are constantly distracted and unable to focus on the task at hand. 

People are more than likely going to be on their smartphones when they are in a group of friends or out at a restaurant with their significant other. 


Emailing is a very popular way to communicate with people. It is convenient, fast, and provides the sender with a record of the conversation. However, many problems can arise from communicating via email. 

Emails can be misinterpreted because the tone of the writer isn’t communicated through the words in the email. Also, emails can easily be to others without the consent of the original author.

Video Chatting

Video chatting is becoming more and more popular in today’s society as technology advances. Some large companies are now using video conferencing to meet with clients and employees because it is cheaper than traveling. However, video chatting has the same negative effects on communication as other forms of technology. 

Video chatting is not very effective in communicating tone and body language, so it is very easy for the person on the other end to misinterpret the person’s tone. Also, video chatting can be a very time-consuming activity that takes away from more important tasks.


Technology has had a very negative effect on the way we communicate with each other. Although many people like to use technology, we shouldn’t let it take over and affect the quality of our communication.

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