Communication Tools and Techniques in Project Management

Communication Tools and Techniques

As a project manager, effective communication is key to keeping your team on track and delivering quality results. But it’s important to learn which ones work best for you and your team. In this article, read some of project managers’ most popular communication tools and techniques.


The project manager has to handle many different tasks in the project management process. They have to plan, organize, and direct tasks and communicate with team members and stakeholders (directly or via a subcontractor) about the project’s progress.

Project managers use various tools and techniques to keep their team members updated about the project’s status. Moreover, to get in touch with other project managers from other projects and measure the progress of their projects.

The following will present some of the most popular communication tools used by project managers, along with the benefit of each one.

5 Most Popular Communication Tools and Techniques in Project Management


Email is perhaps the most widely used communication tool; for a good reason, it is effective, fast, and inexpensive. It can be a great way to communicate with your team and keep them up-to-date on project progress. 

Team members can also use email to send you messages directly. And because email is widely used, everyone has it, which means everyone can use it.

Phone call

Phone calls are another common way project managers communicate with each other and their team members. It offers a quick and easy way to get in touch with people and share information. You can also use phone calls to communicate directly with your team members.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (IM) is a great tool to use when you want to communicate quickly with your team members. It allows you to communicate in real-time without relying on being in the same location. It allows you to share files and other information with your team members.

Video Conference

Video conferencing is a great way to keep your team members updated about the project’s status. You can use video conferencing to have live meetings or recorded hangouts, which you can use at any time, making it very convenient. 

Multiple video conferencing apps such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom exist. These are free and do not require high-end computers or cameras to use effectively.


Meetings are a great way to keep your team members informed and collaborate. But, they can be very time-consuming and cause the project to go off schedule.

Meetings are only necessary if they solve a problem or address an issue. If you feel a meeting is unnecessary, you can use other tools to communicate with your team members.


Communication is an important part of the project management process. It helps you achieve project success and keep your team members engaged and motivated. It is important to choose the right communication tool for each situation and the right way to use it. 

Using the most appropriate communication tool for the situation will not only help you to get your message. It will also be more time efficient for you and your team members.

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