Communication Apps For A Team Leader

Communication Apps For A Team Leader

Communication apps for a team leader. What are the following apps that a team leader can use to manage the team? We will get to know it in this section.

What Are Communication Apps?

Communication apps are the apps that a team leader uses to connect with the team members and know about their work.

The communication apps for a team leader are the following:

Zoho Projects




Google Docs

The Zoho App

It is a project management and collaboration app that helps the team leader to keep track of the team and their work. The Zoho project app helps the team leader to create different projects, share and organize files, monitor the team activity, and get a detailed report.

The Zoho project app is not just limited to a team leader, but all the users can use it.

The Slack App

It is a communication app that allows you to communicate with the team members effectively. It allows you to create different channels for different topics. It also allows you to send direct messages to individual users or groups.

There are many features of the Slack app such as direct message, real-time messaging, group chat, etc.

You can even build your bot in the Slack app, and this bot will help you do all the tasks automatically. Here are some of the examples:

You can get real-time notifications of new messages in a channel or direct messages by setting up notifications. 

Users can search for a particular message on a specific date, time, or name by using the search option. You can unlock your desktop automatically when someone mentions your name in a direct message by using the Do Not Disturb option.

The Trello App

It is one of the best communication apps for a team leader to create different boards for different projects and then add tasks to these boards based on the phase of the project with due dates.

The Trello app also supports visual drag and drop features that are very helpful while assigning tasks to team members on different boards. Moreover, there is no need for any desktop software or web access while working on the Trello app as it works perfectly with mobile devices too. There is also no need for registration while using the Trello app as it is free of cost.


It is another great communication app that allows you to manage your team efficiently by setting up separate issues for each phase of a project with due dates. Assigning them to individual members based on their expertise and experience.

All tasks assigned to an individual member are listed under his profile section so that he/she will be able to track all his/her tasks in one place only.

Google Docs App

It is another great app for a team leader that helps him to create different files for individual teams and then share them with all the team members. Moreover, it allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, forms, and even slideshows that can be used by multiple users at the same time.

The Google Docs app also allows you to work offline by downloading the files.

Communication is an essential part of a team leader’s role. These communication apps will certainly help you in managing your team effectively and efficiently.

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