Communication Apprehension: How It Works?

Communication Apprehension

Communication apprehension is a condition where someone has difficulty understanding or expressing themselves due to anxiety or fear. What apps can help them to communicate? In this post, tackle more about communication apprehension.

What Is Communication Apprehension?

Communication apprehension occurs when the fear of having to communicate with someone else causes you to avoid that communication. You may fear negative reactions from other people. 

You may fear that you will say something stupid or do something embarrassing. The fear of negative reactions can cause you to avoid communicating with other people even more.

The avoidance can cause conflicts in your relationships. Also, limit your ability to get things done, and also negatively impact your mental health.

It is important to work on communication apprehension because it can cause problems that are difficult to solve.

What Causes Communication Apprehension?

Like many other mental health conditions, apprehension is caused by a combination of factors. Some of the factors include:


One study found that apprehension is more common in families than it is in the general population (Hagenaars et al., 2004). In other words, if you have a parent or sibling with apprehension.

So there is a greater chance that you will have it as well.


If you are naturally shy or anxious, then there is a greater chance that you will experience communication apprehension.

Negative Experiences:

Your past experiences of negative reactions can make you fearful about communicating with others.

Situational Factors:

Situational factors such as not being able to speak the language fluently or being around people. Those who intimidate you can trigger feelings of anxiety and avoidance.

What Is A Communication Apprehension App?

Several apps can help people to overcome communication apprehension. They include: 

Anxiety-Free is a clinically-proven app that helps you to achieve a calmer and more relaxed state. It is also useful for helping with general anxiety, social anxiety, and performance anxiety.

Anxiety-Free helps you to learn how to face your fears, overcome them, and be able to live a more enjoyable life. Also, it provides a wide range of relaxation exercises using meditation.

Then having deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. Anti-Anxiety is from the developer of Calm, another popular app for managing stress and anxiety. 

It has a large database of sessions based on proven clinical techniques and mindfulness exercises. Another app is Anti-Social an anti-social training app that allows you to practice your social skills in real-life situations. 

So this app comes with five different levels that vary in difficulty. You can start at level one (the easiest) and work your way up to level five (the most difficult). 

So this is a great app for those who have never had any type of social skills training before. 

How Do People With Fear Communicate Help By This Kind Of App?

Apps help you to work on your communication apprehension. They do this by helping to reduce your anxiety and fear of talking to others. 

So, these apps can be very useful if you are trying to overcome your fear of communicating with others. Apps will not be a permanent solution for overcoming the fear of communicating with others. 

You will still need to practice your communication skills with other people in real-life situations.

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