Communication Appraisal Comments: 7 Meaningful Examples

communication appraisal comments

Identifying the right words to use when preparing your Communication Appraisal Comments is vital to providing they are as useful as you wish them to be. When your self-appraisal words are strong, your boss can better assess your routine, opening the door. It is for the coveted advertising you’re after or the raise in your salary you’ve been working towards. The areas in which you need to enhance should be with a clear sense of your readiness to proactively work on enhancing them. Merely put, your self-appraisal words need to be open, real, and reasonable. What are these examples?

Communication Appraisal Comments: 7 Meaningful Examples

The following article provides seven examples of comments that might be a supervisor on an employee’s communication skills. These comments can be a reference tool to see an employee’s progress over time. Also, create a template for your self-appraisal comments.


“The employee has improved their listening skills greatly. They are more effective in meetings now as they are better able to take in information and ask appropriate questions.” 


“The employee does a good job of selling our company to customers. They have taken the initiative to learn about new products that our company offers. Also, can discuss them with clients effectively.” 

High Level of Enthusiasm

“The employee has demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm for the projects that they worked on and for the people with whom they worked. Their contagious excitement was by everyone who was part of their team.” 


“This employee is always willing to help out a colleague or peer, even if it is not in their job description or in the scope of what they are to be doing. They are good team players and are always willing to give a hand whenever needed.” 

Taking Initiative

“The employee has taken a lot of initiative in the projects they have worked on. They have offered suggestions on how to do things more efficiently or effectively, and have tried to implement new ideas that they think will help the company grow.” 


“The employee is very motivated to do well at their job. They are often the first one in and the last one out, and they work very hard to get the job done right.” 

Listening Skills

“The employee has greatly improved their listening skills. They can listen to the important points of a conversation or meeting and focus on those. This greatly improves their ability to communicate effectively.” 

These seven communication appraisal comments are to be templates for you, the supervisor, to be able to use as you write your self-appraisal comments that are open, honest, and believable. By using them as a model, you will be able to write your self-appraisal comments that are strong and effective.


By using this template, you’ll have the opportunity to identify both the positive and negative aspects of a person’s performance. Also, by allowing both the positive and negative elements of a person’s performance to be together, you will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of what the person is doing well, as well as where they need to improve. 

The template allows for a more balanced perspective that may be if only the positive or negative aspects of an employee’s performance are highlighted. In this way, it can give the employee a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses


The self-appraisal comments in this example are a good model for any supervisor to use when writing their self-appraisal comments. They demonstrate a clear understanding of what will be helpful to an employee, as well as how to communicate that understanding believably and effectively. 

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