Chat Without An App: 6 Ways To Communicate

chat without app

We live in a world where we constantly communicate with friends and colleagues from our smartphones. Certainly much easier than having an actual conversation. But the methods of communication have changed significantly and have become more economical and efficient. We want to share a few ideas with you. These methods help you chat without an app. Take a look and see what you can apply. Check out these six ways to stay connected.

Chat Without An App: 6 Ways To Communicate

Make a Phone Call 

When was the last time you called someone? Or better yet, when was the last time you had a phone call with someone? If you need to make a call, then you probably have to open an app. 

Some phone calls are more important than others. This can be an emergency or something that absolutely must be done right now. 

In these cases, we do not have time to open an app and start a conversation with a chatbot. This is why we recommend making a call. There’s nothing complicated about it. Just press call and dial the number of the person you want to talk to.

Send a Text Message 

If you prefer to communicate via text message, you can use the good old SMS. Sending text messages is a lot easier than making phone calls. If you want to send an old-fashioned message, just open the SMS app on your phone and type your message. Then send it. 

The method is perfect if you do not have a lot to say or just want to send a quick message to someone. Also, it works on any smartphone or computer. What could be simpler? 

Use Your Smartwatch 

If your smartwatch has a display, then you can use it to communicate without an app. There are two options available: one-way and two-way communication. 

One way is to receive notifications from your smartphone to your smartwatch. This can be an incoming call, a text message, or an email. Simply open the relevant app on your smartwatch and you’ll see it. 

The other way is to have two-way communication between your phone and smartwatch. For example, you can send messages from your smartwatch to your phone or reply to a message on your phone with voice input from your smartwatch. 

Use a Desktop App 

Here’s another option for people who do not want to use their smartphones or smartwatches: use a desktop app. If you have a computer, laptop, or tablet, you can use a desktop app. There are many apps available for Windows. For Example, Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. 

Use an Alternative Messaging Service 

If you do not want to use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, then you have a lot of other options. Many alternatives are similar to these two popular messaging services. For example, Telegram, Kakao, and LINE. These services have huge communities. 

Use an Alternative OS 

iPhone and Android devices have dominated the mobile device market for several years now. However, there are alternative systems that provide users with a different experience. If you’re interested in one of these options, then Windows Phone is a good option. Windows Phone offers a lot of similar features to iPhone and Android devices. 

There are many possibilities for communicating without using an app. Also, there are other options out there, but we did not want to overwhelm you with too many options. 

The simplest solution is to use your smartphone or smartwatch. If you have a computer, laptop, or tablet, then you can use a desktop app. If you’re looking for an alternative to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, then Telegram, Kakao, and LINE are good options. 


So as you can see, there is a lot of flexibility in communication. However, we recommend using the method that best suits you. 

A phone call can be an emergency or you might want to send a text message. Or maybe you want to use your smartwatch or a desktop app. Whatever you choose, the important thing is that you can chat without an app.

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