Chat App Like Discord: How Does It Works?

Chat App Like Discord

What are the features that chat apps like Discord give the user? How does Discord as a chat app work? These are some of the questions that we will figure out the answer to below.

What Kind Of Chat App Is Discord?

Discord is a freemium voice-over-internet protocol application (VOIP). That allows the user to enter into an audio chat and text chat with their group of friends or to talk to the same people in a gaming session. 

It is a free tool that comes with some unique features, which are not available in other chat applications.

What Is Discord?

Discord is an independent software application built on the Electron framework. Also written in TypeScript, and supported by the developers at Hammer & Chisel Inc. 

The conversation between users is encrypted over TLS, which results in a secure connection. The service is designed for gamers and gaming communities. Also, for people having active social lives and personal relationships online. 

Discord allows you to communicate with your friends in real-time on your desktop computer as well as on your mobile devices. Its design is mainly focused on the gaming community. But it also has features that are useful for non-gaming purposes too.

How Does It Work?

Discord works by providing the user with access to a voice channel and an instant messaging platform. It is through which they can communicate securely with their mates. 

The user can join any of the servers available on Discord. But they can also decide to start their server and invite their friends to it. 

To have access to all of these features, the user needs to create an account first. It usually requires a valid email address or phone number. 

After doing so, they will be able to join any of the servers that are currently available on Discord or create their server if they wish so. There are plenty of servers available for any kind of purpose.

It is like gaming sessions or for chatting about gaming news and tutorials. Each server has its own set of rules, which all members need to follow to stay on that server. Also, have access to all of its features like voice channels and text chats. 

After creating the account and joining one of those servers. You will be able to send messages both privately (to individual users) and publicly (to everyone). 

Each message you send will be located inside your server’s namespace and marked with your username (in case you have joined one server). While public messages will be visible to everyone who visits that particular server’s page on Discord’s website. 

All messages can be sent via text or voice calls thanks to Discord’s integrated audio system. Which has great quality and can be used for both gaming and non-gaming purposes. 

Discord Features

The following are some of the features that Discord has to offer: 

1. Discord is free to use as long as you don’t need to give access to other people on your server. Also, if you are below the age of 13 years old. 

2. It is a platform that allows the user to chat with other members on any of the servers they have joined or created. The messages can be sent through text or voice call by pressing the “+” button next to the chat box. 

3. The user will be able to join any server they wish, but they will not be able to create their server until they become a verified user. Only after that, can they create their server and invite their friends there. 

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