Best HR Software for Tracking and Managing Company Staff

best free hr tracking software

Looking for a way to keep track of your staff? Check out in this article the best HR software options! These tools can help you manage your team more efficiently, from employee scheduling to time and attendance tracking. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing now!


HR software is there to help you closely monitor how well your company is running. It provides you with a proper and effective way of organizing your employees’ information and their activities.

With HR software, you can ensure that your employees won’t have to wait. They can just log in to their account and check on the status of their claims, benefits, or other issues.

4 of the Best HR Software

Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Workday

This program offers users a convenient way to view all of the information concerning their employees and their activities in one place. You can also use this tool to create professional reports that can be easily shared with other members of your organization. Also, it allows its users to manage different aspects of their business, such as benefits, payrolls, time off, and recruitment tools.

It also has a built-in document management system where you can store all sorts of important documents, such as contracts and invoices. Workday allows you to use mobile apps so that you can access all its features anytime and anywhere.

2. Punchtime

Punchtime is a comprehensive employee management software. It makes it easy for businesses to track the progress of each employee’s claim or benefit application. This tool will allow its users to view the history of each employee’s request.

Then see what stage it is at and when it was received by the insurance company or third-party administrator (TPA). With this program, you won’t have to worry about losing track of any detail regarding your employees’ claims or benefits anymore.

3. The Work Number

The Work Number is a service offered by Equifax Workforce Solutions. It allows organizations to access employment data reports on their employees in real-time. The Work Number offers its users comprehensive reports on employee income, job duties, employment status, and much more!

4. People First

It is an online human capital management system. It aims to provide businesses with the flexibility they need when managing their staff members’ information and activities in one single place! With People First, users will be able to create professional management reports easily!

So if you want to use mobile apps, People First also has that feature. It allows users to access all its features on the go! 

Scoop Other Program for Perfectly Managing Workforce

Users can also use its mobile app feature to track their employees. However, ThinkHR is only available for companies that have less than 100 employees! Another program is FreePay.

To make sure that you get accurate results, this program has a built-in calculator where you can easily estimate your workers’ income tax liability. So, all of these programs enable its users to export reports that contain their employees’ information for the previous year. It also supports multiple employers and unlimited payrolls so that you can manage all of your employees’ information in one place.

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