Best Apps to Create Work Schedules


How do you cope with a continuously shifting work schedule? Utilizing a work schedules application is one option! Many of them are accessible, but which one is the greatest for you? Find out by looking at this list of the most popular work schedule creation applications!

The top work schedules applications.

Check out our list of fantastic work scheduling apps if you’re searching for an app that will keep all of your staff on the same page and save you some time.


It is a great software for any company in the service sector and is used by large healthcare organizations like Kaiser Permanente. Humanity is used for personnel scheduling in contact centers, hospitality companies, and restaurants in addition to the healthcare industry.

The Humanity app’s capacity to predict your company’s staffing needs is one of its major advantages. It is a top-rated software in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. The developers of the software assert that its adaptable and rule-based programming can generate a plan free of errors while taking into consideration a range of staff scheduling requirements.


Utilizing drag-and-drop scheduling, Shiftboard is a web-based tool (with an app available) that enables you to manage your schedule. It may be utilized with various locations, schedules, and teams and is considered the “industry standard” for shift scheduling.

Shiftboard’s capability to identify previously performed shifts is one of its wonderful features. Additionally, have future schedules auto-fill them.


With Cozi, you can create custom work schedules on any device. This implies that your schedule will be accessible on your phone, tablet, and computer! Simply add new events and activities to your calendar as they happen in real-time to use Cozi.

Workforce Logics

Workforce Logics is a project management tool that runs in the cloud and can be used to schedule anything from projects to shifts. Additionally, you may manage your calendar and responsibilities as well as the schedule and tasks of your team members with workforce Logic, a project planner.


Calendly makes it exceedingly simple to plan professional events like meetings and interviews. Users only need to indicate their availability via the app, and Calendly will make sure there are no scheduling conflicts. Even the intervals between meetings are there so you may take a break.

Organizing a meeting with a distributed workforce? Send an email invitation to everyone and let them select the most convenient time. The event is thereafter added automatically by the app to whichever calendar you are using.

You may organize sales calls or meetings with freelancers at times that work for everyone by using Calendly to verify their availability as well as that of their clients. Even more, persons can be accommodated simultaneously for training sessions or webinars.

Calendar Zoho

A versatile web-based scheduling tool with various applications in Zoho Calendar. From setting up meetings, hiring employees, and arranging classes to leading a team and assigning shifts.

TimeClock Minder

A fantastic tool for managing shifts is TimeClock Minder, an online time monitoring and scheduling program. You may effortlessly synchronize your company’s operations with a client’s work schedule with TimeClock Minder.


If you’ve been looking for a tool to manage your team’s shifts, then it may be time for you to try any of these top-rated apps. They’re sure to keep all your employees on the same page, help you save time, and are adaptable to suit your needs.

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