9 Examples Of Communication Team Activities

communication team activities

No one ever said that effective communication was easy. It can often be downright difficult to get our ideas and thoughts across to others in a way that is both understandable and meaningful. But that’s what makes communication team activities so valuable – they provide us with the opportunity to work on our messaging skills in a collaborative setting, surrounded by people who are eager to help us improve. Here are nine examples of communication team activities that you can try out today.

What are the 9 Examples Of Communication Team Activities?

Communication teams are essential for any successful community. 9 communication team activities can include: 

Collecting and Disseminating Information About Community Events 

One of the most essential communication team activities is to disseminate information about upcoming community events. This can include both internal events, like in-house workshops, and external ones, like public conferences. 

Planning and Running Meetings 

Meetings are a staple of many organizations. Also, as a communication team member, it can be your role to help plan these events and help ensure that they run smoothly. 

Communicating With the Media

As a community grows, it will often start to receive media attention. This can be exciting, but also comes with its own set of challenges. So, communication team members should keep an eye out for potential opportunities to engage with the media positively. 

Working With Social Media 

Social media has become an increasingly important part of how communities can reach their members. So, communication team members should be prepared to help manage different social media accounts, and work with other members to ensure that they stay relevant. 

Working With Volunteers

Volunteers are a staple of many communities. From contributing content and technical advice to answering questions from community members, volunteers can help your organization in many different ways. 

As a communication team member, you can help support the efforts of these volunteers by helping them find ways to engage with the community. 

Keeping Tabs on What is Being About the Community

Communication team members should proactively monitor what is being about the community, both internally and externally. 

Working With Outside Organizations

As a community grows, they will often find themselves working more and more with other organizations. These can include businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. 

Communication team members can help ensure that these partnerships are constructive by working with other team members to identify which organizations are most important for the community to engage with. 

Keeping Tabs on the Competition

Communities do not exist in a vacuum. There is always an opportunity for them to be to other communities or organizations. 

As a communication team member, you can help ensure that your organization can come out on top by monitoring what the competition is saying and how they are performing. 

Keeping Tabs on What is Being Said About the Organization

Communication team members need to be ready to respond to constructive criticism. They should be prepared to proactively monitor what people are saying about the community and how they are saying it. 


Communication team activities are essential for any successful community. Without proactive monitoring, it can be easy to miss opportunities to engage with the community or respond to constructive criticism. 

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