5 Steps to Starting a Security Guard Company

steps to starting a security guard company

How would you like to start your own security company? If you want to run a successful security guard company, then you need to follow these steps to starting a security guard company.

Security guards are hired to protect events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, corporate offices, schools, shopping malls, airports, casinos, and other places where large crowds gather. They also perform duties such as patrolling parking lots or protecting private property.

Starting a security guard company requires a great deal of time and effort. The good news is that it’s easier than ever before. Here are five steps to starting a security guard company for you to get started.

Steps to Starting a Security Guard Company

1. Criminal and Credit Background Checks

Before hiring a security guard, you must look into his or her criminal background. The company that hires the guard will be held liable for anything the guard does while on the job, so you want to be sure there are no issues.

2. Payment Methods

How will you pay your security guards? A new security guard company can’t always afford to pay much in the beginning, but it must at least pay minimum wage. If a security guard is paid per hour and he or she works more than 40 hours in a week, then overtime must be paid. Some companies offer additional benefits, such as health insurance and contributions to retirement accounts.

3. Security Guard Uniforms

Security guards must look professional whether they are protecting an office building or patrolling a parking lot. Some companies supply uniforms for their security guards, but others require the guards to buy their uniforms. If you supply uniforms, you should pay for them as part of the employee’s wages. Allowances should be made for larger sizes if you hire large men or women for your security force. 

4. Security Guard Training

Any person who works as a security guard must complete training before being hired to work any events or buildings. You can find online training courses that teach everything from how to patrol parking lots to how to respond to emergencies. Once a guard has completed all of the necessary training, he or she is ready to begin working immediately.  

5. Security License

A security license is not required by all states, so it’s best to check with your local government officials before starting your business if this is something that concerns you. A license may be necessary if you plan on providing any type of alarm response services with your business; because many cities require certain licenses for those who employ people. For instance, who respond and monitor alarms within their city limits. That is, regardless of whether that business is based on private property; or not but provides services beyond its property line. In addition, such as monitoring and responding to alarms at retail establishments.


A security guard company can be a great business. If you follow these five steps, you are sure to start your business off right.

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