5 of the Best Free Attendance Tracking Apps for Employees

Free Attendance Tracking Apps

Being on time and showing up to work ready to go is key if you’re an employee. But what if you’re not sure whether you were actually at work or not? Or you’re not sure how many hours you worked that day? 

That’s the case where these five free attendance tracking apps come in. They will help you track your hours and ensure you’re getting paid for them.

5 of the Best Free Attendance Tracking Apps for Employees


This app is easy to use and allows you to check in and out of your shifts via phone. It tracks your hours, notifies you of shifts that have been moved, and reminds you of your breaks.

You can also create reports for managers, send information about time off to your HR department, and even get paid faster with direct deposit.

Time Clock – WorkTime

This app will allow you to clock in and out from any location, including on the go. It will also record time off and send it to your HR department. You will be able to create overtime reports for yourself or your manager. 

In addition, if you need assistance with this app, there’s a live chat connected to the app. It will also track your pay, ensuring you’re getting paid what you’re owed.

ClockingTime – Time Clock & Attendance Software by ClockingTime, LLC

This app is designed for larger companies that need more detailed attendance information. You can track employee time off and send it to HR and payroll departments. This app also provides reports that are easy to read and understand.

TimeCamp: Time Tracking & Time Card App by TimeCamp, Ltd.

If you’re looking to track how much time you’re spending on your various projects, this app is a great tool. The app will allow you to track your work hours, the tasks you worked on, and the projects you were assigned. It can help with billing clients or even billing yourself for freelance work.

In addition, it will alert you if you’re working too long on one project. You can also use your phone to clock in and out and leave a note if you are taking an extended break. 

AraTime – Attendance Tracking by AraTing Inc.

AraTime app will help you track your hours and ensure you’re getting paid for them. It will also allow you to record time off so that your HR department can approve it and know when you’ll return to work. It will also allow direct deposit of your paychecks, and you can track your hours in real-time.

In addition, AraTime will allow you to create reports for yourself or your manager. It further allows you to send messages to your fellow employees.

The Final Thoughts

These great apps will allow you to easily track your hours and get paid for them. They can help you with everything from clocking in and out to recording your time off so that HR can approve it.

If you’re an employer, these apps can also help you track your employees. So, which of these apps do you use?

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